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An urgent message for anyone who got “fired up” and “opportunity eyes” were opened up during my “Six Figure Online Event Blueprint” Webcast.

When I sat down to deliver this training, I was excited.

  • I was excited because I would be sharing the EXACT secrets that I've used over and over again...for myself and to help other people double, triple or even quadruple their sales with online events including webinars, livecasts and automated events.
  • Excited because I knew that the kind of people who would be enroll are those willing to go "above and beyond" to be successful…people who can tell the difference between mere fluff and proven "get me real results" information.
  • And was excited because I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs in all kinds of business niches -use these exact strategies to make huge profits from online events, some to the tune of six-figures from a single event, and I'm hoping that YOU will decide to be next.

So let me get straight to the point here:

"I guarantee that when you use the specific and unique online event secrets I teach... the way I teach them…with the tools I provide... you will make sales and money, like never before… and it can happen in as little as 6 weeks."

Because I'm determined to give you fast and measurable results with this system I've put together an amazing Premium Bonus package just for the attendees of the webcast and only for a short time. I’ll tell you more about that after you’ve seen what you receive with the training and toolkit.

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Six Weeks To Six Figures Online Event System & Toolkit Member

Week #1: We begin with the end in mind and start by creating your irresistible offer. The secret to creating an event that sells is to have a powerful offer that your prospects crave and will buy like crazy. After this first class, you will be armed with that offer.

Week #2: We craft your killer close. We will be following my formula which allows you to close sales like magic without using high-pressure, manipulative techniques that make you feel like a used car salesman. You will create and elegant close that will help more people who you can help make the decision to buy from you.

Week #3: We craft presentation whether that is for a livecast or a webinar. You create the opening to your presentation. It’s mission critical that you engage your prospect immediately and emotionally at the very beginning of your presentation so they are compelled to pay attention, sit on the edge of their seats and listen to your every word. We will finish up this session by crafting your core story.

Week #4: We create the core of your presentation which sets up the closing sequence that we crafted in week #2 and creates an intense desire for the irresistible offer you created in week #1. You will model my scientific approach to creating this portion of your presentation which also includes elegantly and subliminally overcoming objections. You will also apply my word for word transitions so you move smoothly and effortlessly from one section of your presentation to another all the way to the final close.

Week #5: I’ll share with you the real secrets to selling with online events. You will discover how to manage your energy and the energy of your virtual audience. You will learn how to amp up your confidence, passion and profits which a very specific strategy that almost no one knows about. You will learn the secrets for controlling your audience’s minds and actions so they do what you want them to do when you want them to do it.

Week #6: We will cover the simple technology needed to put on an online event. You discover what webinar software to use, how to automate your events, what the the most common mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them and more.

2nd, My 7-Figure PersuasionPoint® Template that I use to create all my presentations and presentations for my private clients.

This PowerPoint template® follows my sales presentation formula to a T, step by step, so that no critical element is missed. I created this in a fill in the blank format to you can just follow along, with ease knowing that you are doing it right.

Additionally, all of the slides have been animated for you. Remember, that how your presentation looks and feels is critical to the success of your presentation. Your presentation will look great and you won’t have to do anything except fill in blanks.

3rd, One-on-one coaching. I want to make sure you get your personal questions answered so each week so during the five weeks of training, you can submit one question a week to me via an ultra-private email address. You will get an answer to your question that very same week. Normally only my private clients paying a minimum of $25,000 have this type of access to me.

Act before Friday, October 21st and you'll also receive...

Bonus #1: First 99 ONLY ...  The Get ‘Em To Sign-Up. Get ‘Em To Show-Up rapid results program.

I will teach you exactly how to generate a flood of registrations for your webinar or online event and get those registrants to show up for your presentation.

That’s right, you are going to get an additional online training on lead generation, that includes templates for websites, postcards, emails, videos and more.

You’ll discover precisely how to get your ideal prospect to register for your event, how to pre-condition them to buy before your event and how to ensure they show up for your presentation.

This additional training program is worth $997 but you get it FREE when you take advantage of my offer. Warning: This bonus is limited to the first 99 people to enroll before the deadline. Act now before this generous gift is gone.

Bonus #2: The Six-Figure Micro-Launch Blueprint Training

This is the precise formula a client used to sell $420,000 worth of his product in just four hours. This is my exclusive blueprint which has been perfected down to a science.

The foundation of this is the presentation you will create from what you learn in  “Six Weeks To Six Figures Online Event System & Toolkit” core training but then we take it to an entirely new level by turning that one presentation into a four-hour, profit producing, moneymaking selling machine. I’m going to give you the exact A-Z MicroLaunch blueprint so you can take it and use it.

This alone could sell for $2,000 or more but you get it for free.

Finally, you get two guarantees, not one. First is my, unconditional, no-questions asked, “make me prove it to you” money-back guarantee. Go through the entire six-week training program and if you don’t think it’s one of the best investments you’ve made in your success,  I’ll refund every penny you paid even though you go through the entire program.

If you go past that days, the second guarantee kicks in. I’ll ride with you for another 11 months, one full year, conditional. All I ask is at the end of year, you send me proof that you actually created and delivered and online event following my exact system, and you can with integrity, look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t put at least $20,000 in the bank you wouldn’t have put there otherwise, I’ll still buy it all back, every penny you paid, 12 months later.

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Yes, Dave, I want to learn how to generate huge pay days your unique online event system. I understand my investment is RISK-FREE, backed up by your double guarantee.

I understand that the “Six Weeks To Six Figures Online Event System & Toolkit” is a 6-week online training program that begins on Monday, October 24th and that all the sessions are recorded so I can access them at any time. I also understand that I will be able to ask you one question a week for the duration of the program and that I will receive my bonus gifts as a graduation gift.

The regular price for the entire Training & Toolkit is $2,997. When you speak at seminars, you charge $1,997. But when I enroll today get everything today for just $997 or 2 small payments of $498.50- a $1,000 savings.

On that basis, I’m enrolling now.

Still not sure? Here’s PROOF

I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong! This is simply the most comprehensive training on the topic that I’ve ever studied. I’ve already seen the results of the changes that I’ve made in my own presentations and I recently sold $270,000.00 to an audience of 400 in my best ever sales presentation.

Andrew Lock
Small Business Marketing Advisor

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Dave Dee's program is incredible. I have done a lot of webinars and taken several speaker's training programs, and this course had the most impact by far. I ran a webinar last week on my own, then I took Dave's course, put his techniques in place, and did the webinar again. The second time, with a smaller audience, I had double the sales.

Kim Walsh-Phillips
CEO, Elite Digital Group

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This is NOT really about JUST improving your sales skills, process, and results. This is so radically different and powerful it makes your business a new business. It transforms ordinary selling done as best as can be into a different process - not just an improved one. This provides new opportunity. Imagine discovering a secret community hid just over the horizon, where great prospects lived but no one in your business has ever visited and you are the only one ever there. That's what Dave’s system turns your business into.

Dan Kennedy
Multi-Million Entrepreneur
Author of 27 books on business and sales

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