"How To Make Your Next Seminar, Conference or Meeting Your Most Successful, Fun and Profitable Event Ever"

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and have attendees at your next event sitting in rapt attention as they are educated, entertained and empowered by a fun interactive, content-rich presentation. Now, imagine at the end of your event your attendees telling you it was the best event they’ve ever attended...And you have made more money from an event than ever before.

Dave Dee can help you make that happen.

For over a decade Dave Dee has produced and spoken at events, seminars, and conferences all across the world. His presentations will help make your event fun, entertaining and successful by adding an important extra dimension to your event – entertainment.

When people attend an event they don’t want to just learn – they want to be entertained… in fact they demand it.

Before Mr. Dee became a world-class speaker and trainer, he was a successful professional mentalist. The evening before he is scheduled to speak, your attendees will be treated to his amazing and fun “Theater of The Mind” show which incorporates:

  • Clean humor. You’ll be thrilled as you hear your attendees laugh and see all the smiles during his very funny and clean presentation;
  • Amazing Mind Reading. Birth dates are dramatically revealed, thoughts are unveiled, , sealed messages are described in intimate detail, audience members are stunned as they demonstrate their E.S.P. abilities and learn about their untapped personal power.
  • Audience Participation.Your key attendees, VIPs, and guests are the real stars of Dave’s show. This makes your event more fun for everyone! (As you’re aware, many attend just to “be seen.”) But there is another BIG reason this is important to you…

 How To Make Big Money In Big Chunks

In this content rich, interactive presentation, Dave reveals how to virtually anyone can create dynamic sales presentations for in-person delivery or via media. that generate more leads, more appointments and big chunks of money

In just 90-minutes, your attendees will discover how to get deep into the minds of their prospects to craft sales presentations that keep prospects emotionally engaged, on the edge of their seats and primed to buy. Your audience will learn how to elegantly overcome objections, create buying desire through verbal and non-verbal persuasion systems, create irresistible offers and ultimately double, triple or even quadruple their sales.

Interested In Having Mr. Dee Speaking At Your Next Event?

Simply complete the form below and click the submit button. We will review your information and then set up a call between you and Mr. Dee to discuss your event in further detail. Please keep in mind that Mr. Dee books six to twelve months in advance and is very selective about the types of groups he presents for. Although he can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings, it is best to make your request as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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