About Dave Dee

Hi, Dave Dee, here. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and answer the question, “Who the heck is this guy who calls himself the ‘Big Money In Big Chunks Guy?” I used to be a struggling entertainer, a mentalist (mind reader) to be precise. I was only doing three shows a month and was deeply in debt. Then I discovered the power of marketing and my business exploded.

In less than 90-days, I went from doing three shows to averaging over 25 shows. In less than a year, I had paid off all my debt, bought a new car and a new home. It was an amazing turnaround.

I was asked by my mentor, Dan Kennedy, to speak at one his seminars to teach people how I changed my life. The one caveat was that I needed to sell a product at the end of my presentation.

“No, problemo,” I thought. I figured if I just taught good stuff, people would buy what I was selling.


I BOMBED. I’m talking a miserable, humiliating failure.

While other speakers were selling $50,000-$100,000 worth of their products or services. I practically sold nothing. When I asked people to buy, NOTHING HAPPENED. It was excruciating embarrassing, disheartening and a huge blow to my ego. To make matters worse, I disappointed my mentor.

I vowed then and there to master the art of creating presentations that sell. If I did, it would be put me in a position of power and control because I could create huge cash flow surges and windfall profits whenever I wanted. I also knew, if I got good at this, I could make a bigger impact on people’s lives than I could as just an entertainer.

So I spent the next few years and tens of thousands of dollars studying some of the most most powerful and effective mass persuasion experts, speakers and pitchman on the planet.

I also started incorporating techniques I had been using in my mentalism show. Things I had learned from psychic readers and hypnotists such as cold reading (the art of getting inside someone’s mind) and hypnotic language patterns.

After a lot of painful trial and error and awkwardly trying to sell on stage and in webinars, things started to click. My results, slowly but steadily improved. My confidence began to grow as did my bank account.

Then I got the call…

I was once again invited to speak at the same event, I had bombed at years before. This time though, I wasn’t going to be on main stage. (It’s tough to get a slot on the main stage after you don’t produce results.) I was scheduled in a small “breakout” session. I was determined to crush it, regardless of the circumstances.

With my new found presentations "powers", I created a literally buying frenzy. A real stampede of people running to the back of the room, credit cards in hand, to buy what I was selling. When the dust settled, I had sold over $300,000 worth of a product in just 75-minutes and ended up being the top-seller at the entire event.

I had developed a bullet-proof system for crafting presentations that sell. This combined with the presentation skills I honed over the years as an entertainer resulted in presentations that mesmerized my audiences and created literally buying frenzies.

Since then, I’ve refined my process into a real system that works like magic for webinars, video or in-person group selling presentations. The results amaze even me.

  • I created a webinar that generated, $1.5 million dollars in sales, running on autopilot in two-years.
  • My live presentations, some in-person, others broadcast live over the Internet have produced sales of $292,356.36, $125,000, $220,048.s
  • It is rare for me to not sell over six-figures of products or services every time I speak. My best was$570,000 from a 40-minute presentation.

I not telling you this stuff to brag. The truth is I am only good at a handful of things and outside of those things I’m very lame. (Ask my wife Karen how I am at fixing things around the house!) But, I am truly excellent at creating presentations that sell and helping other people get good at it as well.

Getting good at this isn’t going to automatically change your business and make you millions. In fact, if you offer and inferior product or service, then I’ve got really bad news for you: The process I teach will only accelerate how quickly your target market knows that.

But, I can also tell you that learning how to successfully craft sales presentations will bring you HUGE benefits.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table and missing out on a lot of new customers, clients or patients by not mastering this. Plus, you are working harder than you have to and struggling when you don’t need to be.

On the other hand, once you get good crafting sales presentations, whether it’s in-person or via media, you’re going to have a new found power and confidence to get your message out to more people, generate a FLOOD of sales, more leads and easily double the appointments you get. and have the ability to make big money, in big chunks on demand.

Why Should You Believe I Can Help You Make Big Money In Big Chunks?

As you know, there are no shortage of “gurus” claiming to have all the secrets that’ll make you successful. I’ll admit, that I do NOT have all the answers. But I do have powerful and important answers when it comes to creating presentations that sell. So, why should you believe what Dave Dee has to say?

Guess what – I do NOT want you to just believe me.

What I recommend is TRY OUT what you learn from me.

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You’ll quickly discover that what I teach is the real deal and not “theory.” I like stuff that works and gets RESULTS. I’m sure you feel the same way.

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time, energy and money testing all of my strategies so you can see in your bank account as quickly as possible. Still, my stuff is not a “magic bullet.”

It’s important for you to know, that I am constantly learning, studying and refining my skills. I am developing and testing new techniques and systems and will pass these updates to you.

I am not a self-proclaimed “guru.” I’ve made plenty of mistakes and continue to do so. But, I honestly believe my programs, systems and trainings are the best on the planet when it comes to one-to-many selling and I stand firmly behind them. I am confident that you will get TREMENDOUS value with what I have to share with you.

If you have questions about my programs or services, please contact me.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee
The Make Money In Big Chunks Guy